TBT- Dad Collected Stuff

Dad was a collector. I know he liked to save newspapers from historical events. They reside in an acid-free box in my attic for now.

I always knew this, so why did it never occur to me that his dresser would be a virtual cornucopia of documents from his past? Oh well, I cannot dwell on what I cannot change!

Today I went upstairs to see what was in the box. What events were important to Dad? I began to carefully remove each newspaper, concerned that I would rip one of the papers.

They are not all in the best condition, having all spent many years sitting in his very musty basement. Some are in quite good shape, while others are flimsy, torn, and slightly yellowed.

As I skimmed through each issue, it was like being in a time machine. I see the assassinations of the Kennedy brothers, President Reagan’s meeting with Mikal Gorbyshev, the moon landing, Watergate, the 100th anniversary celebration of the Statue of Liberty, the inauguration of President Bill Clinton, the Oklahoma City bombing, the NJ Governor McGreevy scandal, the September 11 attacks, and seven copies of a news article written by my daughter.

These were all important to Dad, and as I looked through each one, I could picture my dad driving to the store to purchase the paper, and years before he quit smoking, buying a pack of cigarettes.

In 2009, I added the newspaper from the inauguration of President Obama, because to me, the election of our first African American president was a historical event. Hopefully, in six months I will add the innauguration of the first woman president.

This day in 1968—June 9—I found a newspaper reporting the final journey of Robert F. Kennedy. His body left the state of New York where he served as a senator, and traveled by train to Union Station in Washington, D.C and then to his final resting place not far from his brother President John F. Kennedy.

I am still learning and recalling history from Dad.

Newspapers- RFK

About kjw616

I am a genealogy detective. I have already written one book about my Irish family's journey from 19th century Ireland to the United States- a family history sprinkled with personal anecdotes. My second book was intended to be a similar story about my Russian ancestors. Instead, it turned into a tale of just my father's immediate family. It is the tale of what happens when 6 children from New Jersey are moved to the Soviet Union by their Russian-born parents during the Great Depression. It details who lives, who dies, and who is able to return to NJ during a time when leaving the USSR was not an easy endeavor, particularly during World War II and the Cold War. It is my hope that those interested in history during this time period will find this story fascinating as well as those fellow amateur family historians who will learn some of the tools such as ancestry.com, visits to the National Archives, and local libraries I used to uncover this story.
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