What Do We Do?

It’s just another day in the world of news, except for the funeral of Mohammed Ali that somehow got pushed to the bottom of the page.

Last night, The Donald got hammered by Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden, and today Trump fired back with a few tweets that sounded more like a little boy in a fight on the playground than the thoughts of a man who thinks he could be President of the United States.

The news reported the shooting of the day, which occurred at the airport in Dallas. “Was it terrorism or another mentally disturbed person,” I thought to myself along with millions of others.

Then I returned to reading the newspaper on my desk. An interesting headline caught my eye—The Woman’s Angle: The Climate of Killing—Morris County New Jersey Daily Record.

Here follows a few snippets from the article:

They ought to do something about the guns. Somebody said, “It makes you sick. The world’s gone mad.” Somebody else said, “Lots of laughs, this election business, huh?” Only he wasn’t laughing. His face was twisted.

One of the men shook his head. “You can’t legislate them any more than you can love or compassion. There’ve always been guns. There’s no way to stop anybody from getting one and if you can’t buy a gun, you can make your own. Legislation won’t do any good. The real trouble is the nuts.”

It’s pretty clear to me that you can’t pass a law making lunatics illegal. They go back a lot farther than the guns. There are probably even more of them, and they do seem to be increasing all the time.

What still happens in a lot of states is that the nut who decides he’d like a gun to go hunting somebody who doesn’t agree with him writes a letter. It’s no more trouble than ordering a dress. He specifies the size wanted, the designer, even the color and shape if he’s particular….Then somebody accepts the money and sends off the purchase, the requested dose of death.”

…The nut takes his new, grinning, gleaming toy and aims it at his target for that day—be it president or man of God, celebrity or some little guy trying to make the world a better place.

The article goes on and on with the author’s thoughts as a woman empathizing with the women who have lost sons and husbands. She ends by saying, “Because right now, today, before the ‘climate of killing spread any farther, they’ve got to do something about the guns.”

During this will-it ever-end election season, the subject of guns will be discussed and debated by the two candidates. There is no doubt about this.

So what is so noteworthy about this article ? I found it fascinating that it was written by a woman named Marjorie Kaschewski and published on June 7, 1968. I found it in Dad’s box of news articles.

As I wrote on May 16, “Nothing Ever Changes.”


About kjw616

I am a genealogy detective. I have already written one book about my Irish family's journey from 19th century Ireland to the United States- a family history sprinkled with personal anecdotes. My second book was intended to be a similar story about my Russian ancestors. Instead, it turned into a tale of just my father's immediate family. It is the tale of what happens when 6 children from New Jersey are moved to the Soviet Union by their Russian-born parents during the Great Depression. It details who lives, who dies, and who is able to return to NJ during a time when leaving the USSR was not an easy endeavor, particularly during World War II and the Cold War. It is my hope that those interested in history during this time period will find this story fascinating as well as those fellow amateur family historians who will learn some of the tools such as ancestry.com, visits to the National Archives, and local libraries I used to uncover this story.
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