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Sarcasm Does Not Translate

Yesterday Donald Trump said, “Russia, if you are listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing.” I was shocked to hear the Republican candidate for President of the United States making this comment. Then later … Continue reading

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Just One Moment

I just can’t ignore this historical event. I spent one year sharing memories of my life—some as silly as the admission that I once brushed my teeth with Bengay pain relief cream or the fact that I spent many summer … Continue reading

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The Dream Not Forgotten

One moment my father was attending school in a small town in New Jersey, when suddenly, his parents announced they would be moving to the Soviet Union before the end of the year. He would be leaving his friends and … Continue reading

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What’s In That Bag

Thanks to my father’s newspapers, we know what the astronauts ate on the moon (Armstrong and Aldrin-Meal of a Lifetime) and the fact that a lemonade stand was providing cold beverages, for a mere fourteen cents a cup, to all … Continue reading

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Young Entrepreneurs on Neil Armstrong’s Street

When my children were young and the summer days began to drag, they sometimes looked to me for ideas. I remember at least two occasions when they became little entrepreneurs, setting up a lemonade stand in front of our house … Continue reading

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Armstrong and Aldrin- Meal of a Lifetime

As I mentioned previously, Dad Collected Stuff, so in honor of the anniversary of the first moon landing this week, I decided to take a peek at his newspapers from that week. Some of the articles and photos are well-known, … Continue reading

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What Would Dad Think

I never knew which political party, if any, my mother or father belonged to or who they voted for in any election. It was just not a conversation I ever recall being discussed around the dinner table. With five children, … Continue reading

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