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Not Lincoln or the Queen- But Still Very Cool

We all have varying motivations for climbing our family tree, and it is not unusual to begin the search after the death of a loved one. Who are we, where did we come from, and what in our genes makes … Continue reading

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Today’s blog is reposted from Mommymeanderings. Seventy-five years ago, our nation celebrated its last peacetime Thanksgiving before becoming involved in the war. Sixteen days later, Japan surprised almost everyone but my father with the attack on Pearl Harbor. (Pearl Harbor- … Continue reading

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Big Brother Was and Is Watching

There is much uncertainty in this country regarding what changes will take effect under the new administration. How much is rumor and how many of the ever-changing pre-election campaign promises will happen is yet to be seen. Concerns run the … Continue reading

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One-Way Trip- Who Knew?

I never moved during my entire childhood. Actually, that’s technically not true, because my parents moved from a house they had rented to a brand-new house when I was six months old. I just don’t think that counts. So I lived … Continue reading

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Days of a Refugee

We are all familiar with the Syrian refugee crisis, but do we really know what it’s like to be on the run from a war—not knowing how to keep your family safe or where you will find shelter free from … Continue reading

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Another Veteran’s Day

Today is Veteran’s Day, and every year on this day, I think of my dad—a very proud veteran of the Second World War. Going to war is never easy, but in his case, he served knowing that the rest of … Continue reading

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Depression-Era Ingenuity

Anyone whose parents or grandparents grew up during the Great Depression knows that living during that time taught them to be thrifty and innovative. They repaired rather than throw away and buy new. If they had a car, they learned … Continue reading

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Windows 8 is Reminding Me of the Past

What would you do if you woke up one morning and learned that the country in which you were living was under attack? And what would you do if you were a member of that family—a son, a brother—but thousands … Continue reading

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