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Untrustworthy Now and Then

When my grandparents decided to leave their New Jersey home and move their family to the Soviet Union, it was a risky decision. Would there really be plenty of job opportunities awaiting them, and how would they be received after … Continue reading

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What Would Dad Think?

My dad never discussed politics with us, at least that is what my now senior mind recalls. We did not sit around the dinner table and have animated discussions about the upcoming elections and he did not voice many opinions … Continue reading

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Skip the Boring if You Want

I was recently lent a book to read by a friend who thought I would enjoy it because it was set in Moscow. It was 466 pages, so it was going to be quite the commitment to read, but I … Continue reading

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Family History- It Starts with the Wee Ones

Anyone who has read my book or enough of my blog know that my biggest regret is not sitting down with my father and my maternal grandmother to listen to the stories of their childhood memories. If I had spoken … Continue reading

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All the News That’s Fit to Find

This week I decided to change my subscription to so that I could increase my access to now just under 5000 newspapers spanning a time period from the 1700s until today. Since then, I have been having a grand … Continue reading

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Russian, Arabic, or Spanish?

Last week I wrote a tongue-in-cheek post regarding my belief that Americans may want to consider learning to speak the Russian language—at least a few basic words and phrases. This thought was based upon the news of Russia spies infiltrating … Continue reading

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Is Blogging in Your Future?

For anyone reading this who is not interested in designing their own website for a blog or a business, today’s post is not for you. In fact, many will find this extremely boring, but I was asked by a follower … Continue reading

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Don’t Wait to Have that Chat

How I wish I had been more interested in my father’s past when he was younger. There are so many unanswered questions that are forever lost, and so many pieces to the puzzle which contradict one another. What I know … Continue reading

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