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Growing up in Rockaway, NJ and his life experiences which were shaped by historical events (even if we didn’t believe all of the stories!)

Another Veteran’s Day

Today is Veteran’s Day, and every year on this day, I think of my dad—a very proud veteran of the Second World War. Going to war is never easy, but in his case, he served knowing that the rest of … Continue reading

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Depression-Era Ingenuity

Anyone whose parents or grandparents grew up during the Great Depression knows that living during that time taught them to be thrifty and innovative. They repaired rather than throw away and buy new. If they had a car, they learned … Continue reading

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Toilet Paper and the End of Civility- Repost

For those of you who also read my other blog, “Mommysmeanderings,” todays post has been borrowed from there. I was thinking of my grandmother recently while I was brushing my teeth. Grandma was crafty—perhaps I got just a few of her … Continue reading

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We Do Our Best

“For us, they packed up their few worldly possessions and traveled across oceans in search of a new life.”–President Obama. I was watching the inauguration when I heard those words uttered by President Obama back in 2009. My father was … Continue reading

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I Had to Pick Up the Phone

I did something this week, and after the tasks were completed, I thought to myself, “You did this because of Dad.” I even spoke to my mother and told her that I did something that reminded me of him. What … Continue reading

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Our Cosmonaut Cousin

I have written of my famous inventor cousin Louis Brennan, whose life was commemorated in a ceremony in London in 2014. Louis’ leaf sprouted from my mother’s tree. My father’s family had their own legendary leaf—cosmonaut Gherman Titov. Among his … Continue reading

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Never Assume the Name is Correct!

What was my father’s intended first name? Did he even know? I remember watching him speak of being named Mark but then he said “I changed it to Martin.” He was so nonchalant about it. Why? When? In my mother’s … Continue reading

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