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Would They Ever Leave?

Finally, during the second week in February 1942, my aunts learned that Dad was in the Army, stationed in Georgia rather than at the home of their friends in New Jersey.  This must have devastated them, since they now realized … Continue reading

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Passport Request in Order

I did some research and learned that while Iran tried to remain neutral during World War II, by the time my aunts were attempting to leave, Iran had joined with the Allied Powers, providing an important water and rail supply … Continue reading

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Kuibyshev at Last

For three weeks after my grandparents and aunts arrived at the Sverdlovsk Station on Christmas Eve 1941, the diary reported nothing of significance. At some point, they must have heard that the capital had been moved from Moscow to Kuibyshev, … Continue reading

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Traveling Back Home Alone

Once the decision to return to New Jersey was made, the letter writing began in full force. In late March, Dad sent a letter to the American Embassy in Moscow expressing his desire to leave, and he and his three … Continue reading

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If Only They Stayed in NJ

With so many documents to photograph and time running short before my days at the National Archives would be over, I had little opportunity to read any of the letters and memos I located.  Yet I come there based upon … Continue reading

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After the assassination of Sergei Kirov, life throughout the Soviet Union changed. Stalin used that act as an excuse to rid the Communist Party of anyone perceived to be a threat to his rule. The punishment was imprisonment or death. … Continue reading

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