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Seeking Genealogy Mystery Solutions

Don’t you just hate it when you cannot solve that genealogy mystery? We all have many, but one which just continually bubbles up and gnaws at me is regarding the sale of my grandfather’s house prior to the big move … Continue reading

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Hunting for the Clues

We are all so busy. There’s not enough time in our day as we run from one activity to the next. Even our children are overscheduled with music lessons, baseball practice, dance lessons, and school. No one has time to … Continue reading

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How Did He Do It?

This day in 1941, my father arrived in Honolulu—a weary twenty-two year old young man traveling alone to New Jersey from the Soviet Union. I think that writing this story as a mother of three adult children gives me more … Continue reading

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Jersey Bound- 75 Years Later

Dad boarded a Japanese passenger ship on this day in 1941— June 14—on the second leg of his journey back to New Jersey after having spent the past ten years living in the USSR with his parents and five siblings. He and … Continue reading

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Knock Knock. It’s Just the FBI

My father refused to speak about life in the USSR so the FBI paid him a visit. Could something similar happen under a Trump administration? At the time—sometime in the mid 1950’s—Dad had served four years in the Army during … Continue reading

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I Don’t Remember

Chapter 2 of my book, Do Svidanya Dad: Tracing the Story of an American Family Trapped in the USSR, explains the moment when I realized  I made a huge mistake that I could never fix. Perhaps it is not too late … Continue reading

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It’s done. My book is out, and I feel proud, relieved, and fearful. It is like the naked dream, because while my book was sitting on my computer, I was safe. Now my words are exposed and that is a scary … Continue reading

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