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Big Brother Was and Is Watching

There is much uncertainty in this country regarding what changes will take effect under the new administration. How much is rumor and how many of the ever-changing pre-election campaign promises will happen is yet to be seen. Concerns run the … Continue reading

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One-Way Trip- Who Knew?

I never moved during my entire childhood. Actually, that’s technically not true, because my parents moved from a house they had rented to a brand-new house when I was six months old. I just don’t think that counts. So I lived … Continue reading

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We Will Survive the Outrage

When I decided to put my book out there for the general public to read, I wondered if it was relevant. Would anyone be interested enough to read it? Each day as I turn on the news, Do Svidanya Dad- … Continue reading

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Knock Knock. It’s Just the FBI

My father refused to speak about life in the USSR so the FBI paid him a visit. Could something similar happen under a Trump administration? At the time—sometime in the mid 1950’s—Dad had served four years in the Army during … Continue reading

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Not Their Decision to Make

Immigration is a hot topic these days. A big question is what to do with the young children crossing the borders into the United States. It’s a problem which I am not trying to solve, but I considered it a … Continue reading

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Nothing Really Changes

What drives people to listen to anti-establishment people like Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders? Fear, anger, and hopelessness are a few adjectives which come to mind. As I watch and read the news, and listen to the discussions regarding this … Continue reading

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Reflections- May 1941

I thought I would include the first two chapters to give any interested readers a feel for what I have written in my book, Do Svidanya Dad: Tracing the Story of an American Family Trapped in the USSR. Marty’s dreams … Continue reading

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