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He Should Have Passed on the Intourist Job

I was skimming through my father’s photo album and came across several photos of his older brother, Tony, dressed in a jacket and tie, posing with another young man who worked with him for Intourist. Intourist was the Soviet state … Continue reading

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After All These Years

I was watching a news show on television Tuesday night—The Rachel Maddow Show—and the introductory story mentioned that the Soviet Union used to have an official travel agency. That comment immediately got my attention, particularly when she stated that it was created … Continue reading

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Who Is That Woman?

One of Dad’s stories was about his older brother, Tony. Tony worked as a guide for Intourist, which was the official state travel agency founded by Joseph Stalin and staffed by the Soviet secret police. Suffice it to say that … Continue reading

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A Bumblebee Searches for Tony-Random Act of Kindness

My research into the story of Dad has refueled my belief that despite much of the horrific news that gets thrown at us much too often, the world is still filled with much kindness and generosity and the Internet and … Continue reading

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The Buzz About What Happened to Tony

My previous blog, Was Anyone Safe?  mentioned that “his brother and sisters had been instructed to proceed to Moscow to pick up their passports.”  There is a subtle message from me in this statement- brother is singular, but Dad had two brothers. The … Continue reading

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Tony, the Secret Police, and Helen Hayes

The entire family held steadfast in refusing to become Soviet citizens, so they were forced to leave Leningrad. They ended up in Novgorod, which is about 125 miles south of Leningrad. Dad always claimed they were exiled there, although looking … Continue reading

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