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Windows 8 is Reminding Me of the Past

What would you do if you woke up one morning and learned that the country in which you were living was under attack? And what would you do if you were a member of that family—a son, a brother—but thousands … Continue reading

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Trying Every Angle

It was now March 1942. Dad had learned that his sisters and parents were now in the new Soviet capital city of Kuibyshev, but the whereabouts of his brother Pete and sister Nancy’s husband Waldemar Bulvahn were unknown. They had been … Continue reading

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Would Someone Provide the Money?

It has been over a month since I last wrote of the predicament my aunts found themselves in as American refugees who ended up in the temporary capital of the Soviet Union—Kuibyshev—after they were pushed from their home in Novgorod. … Continue reading

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Please Don’t Make Them Leave

The telegram received by Dad in July 1942 was sent by his sister Anna. That was the first time he learned that his brother Pete was lost. It was a very brief correspondence. Anna told Dad that permission to remain … Continue reading

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A Letter to Dad

Knowing that Dad was in the Army, where both his time and income were limited, must have been devastating news for my aunts. Their lifeline  was disappearing. I have often thought about conversations I wish I had had with my … Continue reading

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Would They Ever Leave?

Finally, during the second week in February 1942, my aunts learned that Dad was in the Army, stationed in Georgia rather than at the home of their friends in New Jersey.  This must have devastated them, since they now realized … Continue reading

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Cold and Homeless in Kuibyshev

I stumbled upon a wonderful book, “Only the Stars are Neutral”, written by Quentin Reynolds, a New York-born journalist who spent time in Kuibyshev during World War II. While in Kuibyshev, he resided at the Grand Hotel, which is where … Continue reading

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No Money; Nowhere to Live

Unfortunately, no one seemed to know that Dad was no longer in Rockaway, New Jersey, so the requests for  money by the State Department on his sisters’ behalf did not get to him as quickly as they had expected. While … Continue reading

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Passport Request in Order

I did some research and learned that while Iran tried to remain neutral during World War II, by the time my aunts were attempting to leave, Iran had joined with the Allied Powers, providing an important water and rail supply … Continue reading

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New Route Home

My grandparents and three aunts were finally in Kuibyshev.  It was time to to plan for their return to New Jersey. They all knew that they needed to concentrate on the girls, since my grandarents had never completed the naturalization … Continue reading

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