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All the News That’s Fit to Find

This week I decided to change my subscription to newspapers.com so that I could increase my access to now just under 5000 newspapers spanning a time period from the 1700s until today. Since then, I have been having a grand … Continue reading

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Don’t Wait to Have that Chat

How I wish I had been more interested in my father’s past when he was younger. There are so many unanswered questions that are forever lost, and so many pieces to the puzzle which contradict one another. What I know … Continue reading

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How Did He Do It?

This day in 1941, my father arrived in Honolulu—a weary twenty-two year old young man traveling alone to New Jersey from the Soviet Union. I think that writing this story as a mother of three adult children gives me more … Continue reading

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The War and Autumn Rasputitsa

Sleep must have been difficult as the military aircraft rumbled overhead throughout the night. My grandparents and aunts were not far from the fighting.  On September 4, less than three weeks after their hurried departure, Dad’s family was chased out … Continue reading

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Running From the War

August 1941, Dad is now safe in Rockaway, New Jersey, staying at the home of his godmother and her family.  He was unaware that his family had left Novgorod with barely any time to spare.  The day before the city … Continue reading

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Was Anyone Safe?

It will come as no surprise that whenever Dad wrote a letter to anyone- the State Department, the American Embassy, an Army official- the response usually took months. There was a war going on, so his letters were not a … Continue reading

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Home at Last- July 1941

I am sure that the news reports that Hitler had double-crossed Stalin and invaded the Soviet Union both shocked and worried Dad.  He had no way of knowing if his family was in danger or whether they were hidden from … Continue reading

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