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What Would Dad Think About Me?

As I get older, I have found myself analyzing much of my past and present behavior. Maybe I am checking off the boxes before I cross through the pearly gates. Was I good mother, wife, friend, daughter? Knowing now so … Continue reading

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What Would Dad Think?

My dad never discussed politics with us, at least that is what my now senior mind recalls. We did not sit around the dinner table and have animated discussions about the upcoming elections and he did not voice many opinions … Continue reading

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The Politics of Candy

I have been having many feelings swirling around my head regarding my upcoming attendance at the local book festival and have discussed my preparations in my previous post, Will Anyone Come. I belong to several writers’ groups on Facebook, so I … Continue reading

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What Would Dad Think

I never knew which political party, if any, my mother or father belonged to or who they voted for in any election. It was just not a conversation I ever recall being discussed around the dinner table. With five children, … Continue reading

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TBT-Where is Civility Hiding?

I remember the conversation after President Obama’s 2008 victory, when Mitch McConnell, the leader of the Senate Republicans, stated, “My number one priority is making sure President Obama’s a one-term president.”  When Senator McConnell clearly wished on the wrong star and President Obama was … Continue reading

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