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Untrustworthy Now and Then

When my grandparents decided to leave their New Jersey home and move their family to the Soviet Union, it was a risky decision. Would there really be plenty of job opportunities awaiting them, and how would they be received after … Continue reading

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Da, Nyet, and Spasibo

I did a lot of research prior to my trip to Paris several years ago, and the overwhelming theme was that the French would treat you a lot better if you made an attempt to speak their language. Having spent … Continue reading

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I Underestimated the Horror

Although I planned on no further posts for a few weeks, I am too excited to wait. I recently found an article which was posted in the Bridgewater, New Jersey Courier News on July 12, 1945—just five days after my … Continue reading

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Knock Knock. It’s Just the FBI– Updated

Based upon all the “excitement” at our airports this past weekend, I decided to look back at an older post, a reminder to some, but fresh for my newer readers. This was written almost eight months ago, and since then, … Continue reading

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Should I Be So Worried

When you have family that lived and suffered in Russia, it is impossible not to be affected by politics today, both nationally and locally, in my adopted state of South Carolina. Whether I am overreacting or not is difficult to … Continue reading

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Sarcasm Does Not Translate

Yesterday Donald Trump said, “Russia, if you are listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing.” I was shocked to hear the Republican candidate for President of the United States making this comment. Then later … Continue reading

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Not Their Decision to Make

Immigration is a hot topic these days. A big question is what to do with the young children crossing the borders into the United States. It’s a problem which I am not trying to solve, but I considered it a … Continue reading

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