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Desperate People Bought the Promises

As the shock of the 2016 U.S. presidential election results is morphing into acceptance, discussions continue regarding the reasons for the surprise outcome. Reflecting on my grandparents motives to relocate to the Soviet Union during the Great Depression, I see … Continue reading

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I Had to Pick Up the Phone

I did something this week, and after the tasks were completed, I thought to myself, “You did this because of Dad.” I even spoke to my mother and told her that I did something that reminded me of him. What … Continue reading

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After the assassination of Sergei Kirov, life throughout the Soviet Union changed. Stalin used that act as an excuse to rid the Communist Party of anyone perceived to be a threat to his rule. The punishment was imprisonment or death. … Continue reading

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He Was Always Bumping into History

As I discussed in a previous post, “The Marriage between History and Genealogy”, our ancestors stories may become enhanced and understood by studying the history of the era in which they lived. I found this particularly helpful in learning about … Continue reading

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