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Another Veteran’s Day

Today is Veteran’s Day, and every year on this day, I think of my dad—a very proud veteran of the Second World War. Going to war is never easy, but in his case, he served knowing that the rest of … Continue reading

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Windows 8 is Reminding Me of the Past

What would you do if you woke up one morning and learned that the country in which you were living was under attack? And what would you do if you were a member of that family—a son, a brother—but thousands … Continue reading

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Writing Takes Minimal Difficulty

I went to my thesaurus trying to find an adequate word to describe the difficulty of writing a book, but I then realized I don’t need a pretentious, five-star word that would impress one of my former English teachers. What’s … Continue reading

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Carefree World Meets a Heavy Heart

While cleaning my desk, I found my mother’s autograph book dating back to 1940 when she was eleven years old. Each carefully-worded entry was filled with the sweetness, innocence, and old-fashioned corniness of the day. Life was peaceful in Boonton, … Continue reading

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How Did He Do It?

This day in 1941, my father arrived in Honolulu—a weary twenty-two year old young man traveling alone to New Jersey from the Soviet Union. I think that writing this story as a mother of three adult children gives me more … Continue reading

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That’s a Boatload of Silk!

On this day in 1941, Dad was still aboard the Kamakura Maru en route to Honolulu. His family had no choice but to remain in Novgorod. He was safe for now. I found a newspaper article, which stated that the ship … Continue reading

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Jersey Bound- 75 Years Later

Dad boarded a Japanese passenger ship on this day in 1941— June 14—on the second leg of his journey back to New Jersey after having spent the past ten years living in the USSR with his parents and five siblings. He and … Continue reading

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