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Maintaining Control

My decision to self-publish my book evolved. As I mentioned earlier, it began as a very long letter to my children, but the volume of information I uncovered with the discovery of the diary and the documents at the National … Continue reading

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Words of Wisdom- TBT

As part of a TBT, I thought I would share some words of wisdom that I found among my father’s newspapers—the first would be considered household hints, while the second is timely marital advice from a flash from the past/present. … Continue reading

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Do You Ever Choose a Book by its Cover?

The final step after writing the book and choosing the title was deciding on the cover, because unless a book has been recommended by my book club, a friend, or perhaps I noticed it on the best-seller list, I admit … Continue reading

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TBT- Violence in America and Dad’s Newspapers

Every week it seems we read of another shooting, followed by questions and more violence. We read that the numbers are decreasing despite what “He Who Shall Not Be Named” and his followers are reporting. I have looked at the … Continue reading

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What’s In a Title?

After you write the book, edit the book, write the book and edit the book ad nauseum, you need a creative, eye-catching title. I agonized over choosing just the right words to capture the essence of my story. I recall … Continue reading

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Writing Takes Minimal Difficulty

I went to my thesaurus trying to find an adequate word to describe the difficulty of writing a book, but I then realized I don’t need a pretentious, five-star word that would impress one of my former English teachers. What’s … Continue reading

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A Step Closer to Solving a Family Mystery?

A dear friend and champion of my book sent me an article this week from the New York Times written by Neil MacFarquhar, From a Dacha Wall, A Clue to Raoul Wallenberg’s Cold War Fate. Could it shed some light … Continue reading

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