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Maintaining Control

My decision to self-publish my book evolved. As I mentioned earlier, it began as a very long letter to my children, but the volume of information I uncovered with the discovery of the diary and the documents at the National … Continue reading

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Knock Knock. It’s Just the FBI

My father refused to speak about life in the USSR so the FBI paid him a visit. Could something similar happen under a Trump administration? At the time—sometime in the mid 1950’s—Dad had served four years in the Army during … Continue reading

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Running From the War

August 1941, Dad is now safe in Rockaway, New Jersey, staying at the home of his godmother and her family.  He was unaware that his family had left Novgorod with barely any time to spare.  The day before the city … Continue reading

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Rocking in Rockaway, New Jersey

Dad spent the first eleven years of his life in Rockaway, NJ, which was a sleepy little town about forty miles west of New York City. It covered an area slightly over two square miles and was inhabited by under … Continue reading

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